Pruitt Family Photos

These are a selection of Old Photos from the Pruitt Family Albums.
alexander reunion2 april melissa granny Jul 88 alexander reuinon alexander reuinon with grandchildren and cherie
Aprils Graduation from law school bernies botterbushes and granny at Florences Leroy 50thWDA Carol and Cherie and Granny in Las Vegas
Carol and Granny carols wedding Chicago with April and Johns mom Barb christmas 1971 with whole family
dianas and granny graduation five generations christmas card Ganny and Jacky with baby April in Nov 1974 ganny and diana april
gary katie granny on ferris wheel grandchildren granny at old Dowel house aug 88 granny(head) kelsie sandra ron grandma sidel sandra granny sherie
granny at L-F 50th aniv granny feeding baby diana granny going to visit april in Kansas christmas 92 granny opening gift jan 91
granny sandra old home christmas 1990 granny sandra sherie jacky carol dowel baptist aprils wedding granny suprised jacky and granny at old Dowel house
jacky house warming jan 93 jackie cherie carol sandra granny old home katie and granny lisa melissa gary granny katie 1996
phillip and granny with hurt fingers ron phillip granny oct 1995 sandra granny diana webster 50th aniv uncle and granny